Thursday, October 21, 2021
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The Process

  • Both parties instruct a Collaborative Lawyer.  We all agree to basic ground rules called a Participation Agreement which binds the parties to the process.  You will both also meet with your lawyers individually to talk about what to expect in the meetings.  It is agreed that if the process breaks down, you will both need to seek advice from other lawyers.
  • There are then a series of meetings between you, your partner and your lawyers.  These are called “Four Way” meetings.
  • At the first “Four Way” meeting we ensure you both understand the process and are committed to it.  You will be asked to share your objectives, and we will plan an agenda.  Financial information and documents are shared openly and usually brought to the second meeting.
  • Depending upon each case, we have access to various experts who may assist such as financial advisors, family consultants or accountants who will also be trained in the collaborative process.
  • Once agreement has been reached, both parties can then use the settlement in a legally binding Financial Consent Order, or a Separation Agreement depending upon the individual circumstances.

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